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Courses, conferences, qualifications

Continuing development is essential for all types and grades of staff.  Whilst some of these are supported by the NHS through the hospital, NHS resources are limited.  The Frostick Foundation aims to help by funding things that the NHS is unable to fund.
Some of these educational opportunities are detailed below but we are willing to consider any educational activity.


There are several courses available for staff to learn new skills and techniques.  Some of these are considered essential parts of training for both medical and non-medical staff.
These can include surgeons learning new surgical skills, therapists learning the latest techniques or nurses learning how to become mentors as well as hundreds more.
The foundation can provide funds to allow staff to attend this type of course as well as supporting staff to run these courses in Liverpool.

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Attendance at conferences, whether The British Orthopaedic Association, or any of the many specialist societies is essential both to keep knowledge up to date or to present our own research.
The Foundation will consider funding both conference fees and travel and accommodation expenses, where appropriate, where funds are not available from the hospital.


Many of our staff work in extended roles, whether they are nurses working as Advanced Nurse Practitioners or Specialist Nurses; Therapists working as Extended Scope Practitioners or Clinical Specialists; or medics wanting additional qualifications as educators or managers.
Many of these qualifications whilst essential are not funded by the NHS.  The Frostick Foundation aims to provide financial support to staff undertaking these qualifications where other sources of funding are not available.

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